Feeding 9.5 billion by 2050!


Welcome to the Milling4Life (M4L) CIO Charity

Registered in the UK as a CIO with the UK Charities Commission

Our goal is to help relieve malnutrition and poverty through the development and uptake of food and feed milling technology and processes, adopting the proper handling and storage of raw material and encouraging agricultural improvements in general.

We are asking those who recognise the importance of good nutrition and the role modern-day milling  plays in providing both foods for human consumption and rations for our livestock to support the training and development of milling in those countries that need assistance most.

All donations made will be allocated to one or more of the projects identified here.

The Milling4Life CIO Charity has been set up by milling-related media organisations serving this important industry globally.




Note: Administration charges will be kept to a minimum and covered by individuals and companies contributing for that specific purpose. The annual accounts of the Charity will be transparent so all donors are made aware of how their donations are being used.

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