Other Activities

Milling4Life CIO is working with the African Union’s development arm, NEPAD, to help develop grain storage solutions in a region of the world that is losing up to 50 percent of all grains harvested prior to processing and sale.

“Saving the 50 percent that is currently being spoilt is a great challenge. Farmers are already putting the work to provide crops for food and feed use, but the technology used to store these grains until they are called forward for processing is not doing its job.

“We have storage and handling technologies that African business can adopt to maintain quality of grains and ensure more is suitable for processing at the end of the storage cycle,” says Roger Gilbert Deputy-Chairman of the M4L Charity.

“We talk to our industry counter parts throughout Africa to understand their challenges and how we might assist them in the development of practices and technology to suit their purposes,” says M4L Chairman and the Goodwill Ambassador to NEPAD, Clifford Spencer.